25 Apr 2006

French Polynesian parties concerned by recent power struggle

11:05 am on 25 April 2006

Several smaller parties in French Polynesia have expressed their dismay at the changes during the recent power struggle between the main parties.

In a phased re-shuffle, the President Oscar Temaru has appointed three opposition politicians from the outer islands as ministers - a week after his coalition had lost its assembly majority.

The Porinetia Ora Party says politicians should serve as examples to young people but now money has taken precedence over civic duties.

And the Te Aveia Party says basic values like respect, honour and integrity are being ignored in what it calls unnatural alliances , defections, opportunistic support and last-minute treason.

It urges the public to show its disapproval by attaching white ribbons on car aerials.

Mr Temaru says he wanted to stops the opposition's terror-like tactics and re-build the territory.

The opposition, whose senior leaders are being investigated for fraud, planned to oust the government in a plan that would have seen as new president a politician given a suspended prison sentence for corruption.