26 Apr 2006

Solomons Prime Minister says he will beat a vote of no confidence

9:46 am on 26 April 2006

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister Snyder Rini says he is confident he has the numbers to defeat a vote of no confidence if it goes ahead today.

The Opposition's Bartholomew Ulufa'alu says they will be back in Parliament after walking out in protest yesterday over the remanding of Charles Dausabea in custody.

He says with the two now in custody the 50 seat assembly is divided with 24 MPs backing each side.

Mr Rini says if a vote does go ahead he will defeat it and his government can get on with restoring law and order and promoting economic growth.

And he says he does not believe his administration will be compromised by the events of the past week.

"I don't think so. I mean, we haven't yet started working. This is giving us a chance. We're not yet even started."