20 Apr 2006

Government in process of being formed in Solomon Islands

8:53 pm on 20 April 2006

The government Information Unit in Solomon Islands has confirmed that the prime minister -elect, Snyder Rini, has been sworn in.

Mr Rini was sworn in this morning at around 11 o'clock.

A government adviser, Johnson Honimae, says there are now other matters to concentrate on.

"The prime minister-elect Mr Synder Rini has been sworn in by the governor-general Sir Nathaniel Waena. For security reasons it was a low-key ceremony held at Government House. After that the coalition group, which now comprises of the Association of Independent Members group, the People's Alliance Party, the Lafari Party and Social Credit are now in the process of forming the government."

Mr Honimae says the new cabinet is expected to be announced tomorrow morning.