18 Apr 2006

Papuan facing deportation from Vanuatu fears being returned to Indonesia

11:22 am on 18 April 2006

A Papuan activist facing deportation in Vanuatu fears being returned to Indonesia where he says he is wanted by authorities.

Vanuatu's Supreme Court has upheld a government order to deport Andy Ayamiseba after the Minister for Internal Affairs declared him a risk to national security.

Mr Ayamiseba, who lived in Vanuatu for two decades on a diplomatic passport before the current government came to power, has filed an appeal.

But he says if the order remains, Vanuatu will need to deport him to another country, and he worries about the government forging a deal with Jakarta.

"If they're ready to accept me back, then that's the end of me. Because if there's no other country to recieve me and Indonesia says they welcome you and guarantee as they guarantee to the whole world. But they still kill people in West Papua. So no guarantee should be taken from the Indonesians. I hope that this government will change their opinion and not take any guarantees from the Indonesians."

Andy Ayamiseba