18 Apr 2006

Papuan facing deportation from Vanuatu accuses government of dragging its feet

9:39 am on 18 April 2006

A Papuan activist facing deportation in Vanuatu says he hopes the government won't return him to Indonesia where he says he is wanted by authorities.

The Supreme Court has upheld a government order to deport Andy Ayamiseba after the Minister for Internal Affairs ruled him a risk to national security.

Mr Ayamiseba, who lived in Vanuatu for two decades on a diplomatic passport before the current government came to power, has filed an appeal.

He says he hopes the government will see the danger in taking an guarantees from Indonesia over his safety if returned.

But while Vanuatu has traditionally been the most supportive of countries for Papuan independence aims, Mr Ayamiseba says the current government has been dragging it's feet on Papuan issues.

"That is my only fear but I don't think that they'll do that. But in the meantime if they make a deal with another country, God only knows what's gonig to happen. But I surely believe that this country will never deport me back to the country which I'm running from - it's against all the Human Rights of the world."