13 Apr 2006

Fiji military hints country heading Rwanda's way

3:55 pm on 13 April 2006

Fiji's military has expressed concern that the country would be in danger of becoming like Rwanda and Solomon Islands if discriminatory policies which instill racial division are made into laws.

The Fiji Times reports that the military made known its views in a briefing on its Truth and Justice Campaign to the Ra Provincial Council.

Speaking for the military, Captain Samuela Gukimaleya said because of the discriminatory policies introduced in Rwanda and the Solomons, thousands of people were butchered and the countries suffered.

Captain Gukimaleya said the military does not want Fiji to go through that for the sake of its future generations.

He said the military's stand off with the Qarase government will only come to an end if it shelves all discriminatory policies it is trying to legislate into law, including the Reconciliation and Unity Bill.

Captain Gukimaleya said otherwise the stand-off will continue even if Mr Qarase wins next month's general election.

He said the military would only support a government that is transparent and accountable.