10 Apr 2006

Fiji public servant sacked for insubordination to be get his job back after second court ruling

8:18 pm on 10 April 2006

The Suva High Court has ordered Fiji's Public Service Commission to reinstate demoted government employee, Eroni Luveniyali, to his former post of director of immigration.

Mr Luveniyali was demoted for insubordination for refusing to obey an order from the chief executive of the ministry of home affairs and immigration, Lesi Korovavala.

Mr Luveniyali obtained a court order in mid March to stay in his job until the PSC Appeals Board had heard his case but the PSC refused to obey the High Court.

Justice Jiten Singh has now issued a second order to the PSC to reinstate Mr Luveniyali immediately.

Meanwhile, the sacked chief executive of the labour ministry, Brian Singh, is set to seek redress from the courts if the PSC does not reinstate him.

The Suva High Court cleared Mr Singh of any wrong doing last year and the PSC's own Appeals Board ruled against the PSC for breaching procedures when it dismissed Mr Singh.

But after the High Court and the PSC Appeals Board rulings against the PSC, it has not reinstated Mr Singh.