10 Apr 2006

Newly elected MPs in Solomon Islands lobby to form new government

9:26 am on 10 April 2006

The newly-elected Solomon Islands MPs are already holding discussions in attempts to form a coalition government.

With all 50 parliamentary constituencies now filled, half of the parliament is made up of new members.

Linda Skates reports from Honiara.

"Now that most of the results are confirmed, talks are under way between various MPs and parties to try and form the next government. The caretaker prime minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, and a number of high profile MPs have been returned to parliament but there are a total of eight parties or groupings that are represented, as well as a large block of independents. A Honiara MP, Charles Dausabea, claims that he has about eight colleagues who will form one group while AIM, the Association of Independent Members, which had the highest number of MPs in the last parliament, is also looking strong. But, it may be some time before a clearer picture emerges as to the shape of what will be the next coalition government."