10 Apr 2006

Unprecedented delay over a Samoa court case prompts a call to go to Court of Appeal

7:15 pm on 10 April 2006

There is a call in Samoa for a land case to be transferred to the court of appeal because the supreme court has failed to rule on an interim injunction for eight years.

The case was originally brought by Agaimalo Asiata and his sister over a land transfer to a government minister, Toi Aukuso Cain, who is now in jail for the 1999 murder of a fellow minister.

The Auckland-based lawyer acting for the claimants, Olinda Woodroffe, says the delay is unprecedented.

"It's now eight years and there has been no response, no decision by the supreme court judge of Samoa."

Ms Woodroffe says her clients would like to have the case heard when the court appeal which includes New Zeaalnd judges sits later this month.