7 Apr 2006

Allegations of bribing in buildup to Fiji elections

7:34 pm on 7 April 2006

There are allegations in Fiji that three election candidates of a prominent political party allegedly bribed two election officials in the western division during the voter registration process.

Radio Legend reports that the three candidates are alleged to have paid the officials to transfer the names of registered voters from other constituencies into the ones which they will contest.

This was allegedly done by the corrupt officials in return for cash.

The supervisor of elections Semesa Karavaki, has confirmed that the matter is now being handled by the police who are investigating all possible breaches of the law.

The registrations allegedly tampered with are for the Magodro Open, the Ba Open where Labour leader Mahendra Chaudhry is contesting against the SDL's Jale Baba, and one other constituency.

The National Alliance Party has filed similar complaints with police and one of its candidates, Vijay Lal, says election officials have been revisiting voters in the Magodro Open constituency to reverse earlier registrations.

The Labour leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, says these are malicious allegations against the party and if the police find any substance, they know what to do.