4 Apr 2006

Indonesian reprisals over violent demonstrations see more disappearances

8:12 am on 4 April 2006

At least eleven Papuans have reportedly disappeared during reprisals by Indonesian authorities following a recent violent demonstration.

The Melbourne Age reports that the reprisals follow a demonstration 2 weeks ago outside a university over mining giant freeport's operations in the province which resulted in the deaths of five Indonesian security officers.

Reverend Peter Woods, an Anglican minister recently returned from Papua,says he stumbled into the middle of the demonstrations at Abepura, and filmed events.

Rev Woods says that among other incidents he saw, eight men from near the university were taken away by Indonesian forces over the past week and have not been seen since.

"Reprisals against Highlands people and University students.....policemen firing pistols at the crowd."

Rev Peter Woods says Papuans getting shot, detained without due process, and disappearing is happening continually.