4 Apr 2006

Fiji electoral office says 10,000 eligible voters remain unregistered

8:15 am on 4 April 2006

A report from Fiji says with voter registration for next month's general election closing today, about 10,000 eligible voters remain unregistered.

They will not be able to vote even though voting is compulsory under Fiji laws.

The Daily Post says the supervisor of elections, Semesa Karavaki, has expressed concern about the large number, saying those not registered are lazy and irresponsible.

Mr Karavaki says it is unfortunate that so many eligible voters have chosen not to exercise their democratic right to vote.

He says people should not complain about the performance of the government if they fail to vote.

Mr Karavaki says people who have not registered cannot be identified by the authorities and no action can be taken against them.