3 Apr 2006

European Commission says vocation training in the Pacific will be vital

11:01 am on 3 April 2006

The European Commission's director general of development, Stefano Manservisi, wants to see a focus on vocational training in the Pacific.

The EC is re-assessing its aid spending and Mr Manservisi says it will embrace the move to regionalism through the Pacific Plan.

He says Pacific countries cannot operate in an isolated fashion in the globalising world.

Mr Manservisi says the EC will contribute more to the region through the Plan.

And he says one area he would like to see an emphasis is on vocational training.

"Certainly access into basic school, certainly access to basic education, but I think then we have to nvest more in vocational training. Because we have to sustain the effort to create skills to produce growth and employment. But in order to do it it is important to think regionally because we cannot do the same thing everywhere - some economies of scale should be found."