3 Apr 2006

Kiribati committee reports dating back two years still not dealt with in parliament

9:48 am on 3 April 2006

The Kiribati Public Account Committee has called on the speaker to extend the parliament session so their reports can be discussed in the house.

PAC member, Kaneang Betero, says they finished their report on the account of the governrment's companies and corporations two years ago but parliament hasn't had time to discuss them.

Kaneang Betero says they submitted their reports for 2004 as required by law, but nothing has been done about them.

He says the committee is concerned that the coming parliament session in May will be the last one before the general elections are held early next year and their reports could remain on the parliament file indefinitely.

Meanwhile, the speaker of parliament, Etera Teangana, has asked the PAC to raise a motion in the house should they want the session of parliament extended.

He says under the current rules of procedure, parliament can only meet for four weeks from Monday to Friday, and if PAC wants it to be extended then it must get the approval of all MPs through a motion.