3 Apr 2006

Candidates in Solomons election hold rallies in Honiara

9:59 am on 3 April 2006

Candidates in Solomon Islands were out on the election trail this weekend in a final bid to woo voters who go the the polls mid-week.

A number of rallies were held in the capital, Honiara, including one for the West Honiara constituency where there are ten candidates standing.

Speaking were the Labour Party's David Tuhanuku, who again stated that the biggest issue facing the country was corruption, and independent, Sarah Dyer.

Ms Dyer called on people to think carefully about who they gave their vote to and whetherv they will achieve anything for their community.

She says she wants to see family policies in place in parliament and people able to achieve a living.

"There's a lot of people just struggling to make ends meet. You know, you walk along the streets, you see a lot of people sitting, you know, selling betel nut and all that. Women are walking around selling bread, doughnuts and all that, just to make ends meet. You know, they survive on these things, and I'd like to see a lot of things done for families and communities."

Ms Dyer is one of 24 candidates out of 453 contesting the elections for the 50 seat parliament.