1 Apr 2006

French Polynesia's president gives decolonisation plan to French official

9:57 am on 1 April 2006

The French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, has given the visiting French overseas territories minister, Francois Baroin, a proposal for a decolonisation process.

Mr Temaru labelled his plan the Tahiti Nui Accords which are modelled after the Noumea accord signed betwen France and the main parties in New Caledonia.

While details are not known, the deal would involve an agreed and structured path to transfer powers and culminating in a referendum on self determination.

Mr Baroin declined comment on the proposed Tahiti Nui Accords but Mr Temaru says he is ready to discuss the matter.

All he told the media in Papeete that in his talks with Mr Temaru, he had advised him of what the French responsibilities are.

This comes after the territory's opposition has been incensed over Mr Temaru's repeated calls for independence.