31 Mar 2006

Samoa opposition says government wants to sell customary land

8:57 am on 31 March 2006

The deputy leader of the Samoa Democratic Party says the government is planning to sell customary land to overseas investors.

Asiata Saleimoa Vaai says the land registration system involves a deeds registration for freehold land while customary land is not registered.

But he says the government has plans to change that and place customary land under the torrens system.

And he says Tuilaepa Sailele is taking legal action against the leaders of the SDUP and Samoa Party over 50,000 pamphlets that have been distributed in villages, that presented the facts about land ownership.

"We think the HRPP government has sold the country down, sold to foreign investors by taking on this scheme whereby as lawyers we know the difference between the torrens and deeds system and the implications. So when we put it on the leaflet with certain facts, I guess he's gone berserk cos its gone out in writing."

The deputy leader of the opposition Samoa Democratic Party, Asiata Saleimoa Vaai