29 Mar 2006

Samoa opposition vows fighting social ills if elected to power

4:07 pm on 29 March 2006

The leader of the opposition Samoa Democratic United Party, Le Mamea Ropati, says a Ministry of Social Welfare it plans to set up if it win's this week's election, will aim to tackle a host of social problems.

The SDUP says the ministry would research social problems so that their underlying causes are understood and to allow measures to be devised to address overcome or reduce them.

It would aim to educate the community about these problems, their causes and solutions and promote self-empowerment.

Le Mamea says the government's answer to the country's increasing socio-behaviourial problem is to put their heads under the table and say that the faaSamoa, or Samoan way, will take care of them.

He said while the faaSamoa may have worked years ago, that is not the case now.

Le Mamea says westernisation and the pressures created on youth and families have given rise to various social problems such as domestic violence, suicide, abuse of women's rights and child abuse.