29 Mar 2006

PNG minister asks wives of Fiji mercenaries to persuade their husbands to leave Bougainville

7:00 am on 29 March 2006

Papua New Guinea's minister for inter-governmental relations and Bougainville affairs, Sir Peter Barter, has arrived in Fiji to ask the wives of Fijian mercenaries operating in Bougainville to persuade their husbands to leave.

The five former Fiji soldiers are reported to be refusing to leave unless they are paid the promised 1-million US dollars each by the failed money scheme operator and self-styled King of Papala, Noah Musingku.

Sir Peter has told Fiji TV the men have to understand that the money is just not there.

He says he is not sure just how much money has been invested in the failed scheme from Fiji but it could be anywhere between 120-thousand and 1-point-2 million US dollars.

He says the PNG government's objective is to stop Noah Musingku's activities

Sir Peter says he hopes he can persuade the wives of the former Fijian soldiers to influence their husbands to leave Bougainville and return home.