29 Mar 2006

Fraud claim in West Irian Jaya province election for Governor

10:04 am on 29 March 2006

Lawyers representing the losing candidates in West Irian Jaya's election for a new governor and deputy governor have filed suit against the provincial General Elections Commission over what they allege to be voting irregularities.

A lawyer for one of the losing candidates has claimed in the Jayapura High Court that the total number of votes recorded in the province exceeded the number of official registered voters.

He said his client received fewer votes than he should have because

hundreds of his supporters did not receive voting cards in time for the election.

He also claimed that more than 78,000 votes were added to the tally of the victorous candidate and his running mate while 26 thousand of his client's votes were lost

The losing candidate and his supporters filed the suit hoping the courts would either declare him the winner or call a new election.