27 Mar 2006

Solomon Islands police warn communities over intimidation of candidates

1:27 pm on 27 March 2006

Police are sending a patrol to western parts of Solomon Islands Makira province over attempts to intimidate election candidates.

The provincial police commander, George Guna, says three communities put up notices informing candidates that if they did not attend a public forum at the end of this week, they would be fined hundreds of dollars.

Mr Guna says he's advised the communities that they can't do this and he says a patrol will go to ensure that the notices are taken down.

"I opted to advise the communities not to do these kinds of activities as it is not a free and fair kind of election that we want. All the candidates have their own campaign strategies and they intend to be at that communities on different dates."

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George Guna, the Makira provincial police commander.