27 Mar 2006

Fiji Labour Party councillor to stand for SDL in general election

10:17 am on 27 March 2006

A Fiji Labour Party municipal councillor has defected to the ruling SDL as one of its candidates for the May general election.

The Daily Post reports Lautoka councillor, Mohammed Yusuf, has refused a directive from the Labour leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, to withdraw his name as the SDL candidate for the Vuda Open constituency by 5.00pm yesterday or face expulsion.

Mr Yusuf says he was no intention of withdrawing his name from the SDL list.

He is quoted as saying that if the Labour Party is returned to power, it will result in an unstable government.

He says he believes the SDL is the best party to drive Fiji forward and the future lies with Laisenia Qarase and his government.