24 Mar 2006

Kiribati gets belated Commonwealth Games television link

3:36 pm on 24 March 2006

Television viewers in the Kiribati capital, Tarawa, have joined world wide viewers watching the Melbourne Games, just days before the games wraps up.

Viewers in Kiribati were supposed to be able to watch the games via a TVNZ feed to Television Kiribati Limited.

But the TKL manager, Tom Kaitara, says a TVNZ decoder arrived late from Fiji due to air transportation problems faced by Kiribati and a decoder arrived at the end of week one of the Games.

He added TKL had to make last minutes efforts to install the devices with assistance from TVNZ which was completed on day two of the Games's second week.

Despite now being able to watch the games, there is no assurance that Kiribati viewers will even get a glance of their athletes taking part in the games.