22 Mar 2006

Fiji opposition doubts propriety of election date

6:55 pm on 22 March 2006

The vice-president of the Fiji Labour Party says there are still a number of outstanding issues it has with Fiji's Elections Office.

The Party has filed a writ asking the High Court to delay or postpone the May general elections until the Elections Office complies with all sections of the electoral laws.

Among the complaints raised by the party are the substantial errors and irregularities in the voter registration process.

The party's vice-president, Krishna Datt, says some of its earlier concerns have already been addressed by the Office.

But, Mr Datt says the party questions the date fixed for the election.

"Our legal advice says that the timeline contradicts the provision in the law, and that's why we have gone to court to get a ruling on when the election date should be fixed."

The vice-president of the Fiji Labour Party Krishna Datt.

The Supervisor of the Elections Office, Semesa Karavaki says he has not been served a copy of the writ.