21 Mar 2006

French Polynesian teacher union blames government for credit cut

4:10 pm on 21 March 2006

The French Polynesian teachers' union says it's not surprised that the French state has declined to advance all the credits for the education sector asked for by the authorities in Tahiti.

The territory's education minister, Jean Marius Raapoto, had reportedly sought 10 million US dollars but Paris approved just 700,000 dollars.

The union's secretary-general, Michel Ploton, told RFO radio that he is not surprised

"When you hear the reports of the president of the government talking left and right of nothing but independence, do you think that you can under such circumstances work in all sincerity and confidence with the French state?"

Mr Ploton says France has made huge transfers to support the territory.

He also says the president Oscar Temaru should travel to Paris to raise the matter with the French government.

The call comes amid claims by Mr Temaru's political rivals that he chooses to travel to English-speaking countries to lobby for independence.