22 Mar 2006

Marshall Islands to introduce tough new measures over illegal aliens

8:46 am on 22 March 2006

Overstayers in the Marshall Islands will soon be facing a deportation committee instead of having their cases heard in court.

The assistant attorney-general, Jack Jorbon, says the number of illegal aliens in the country has escalated in the last year and they are having to introduce tough new measures to deal with the problem.

He says the Immigration and Labour laws are being completely overhauled and will include bonds for businesses and the application of large fines.

Mr Jorbon says it's an expensive process taking overstayers through the court system.

"We're going to have a deportation committee or some sort of a committee that we would not go to the court anymore to prosecute these cases. But, we'll go to an administrative committee that's going to make the decision to deport overstayers. And, that would really cut short our process and it'll be a lot easier than it is right now."

Jack Jorbon says the new measures should be passed by parliament at its next sitting.