21 Mar 2006

New Caledonian nickel company takes steps to control erosion

1:40 pm on 21 March 2006

New Caledonia's Goro Nickel company says it has taken measures to contain run-off from its construction site in the territory's south.

The company has issued a statement to say that it has started work to cope with downpours following the major erosion problems at the beginning of the month.

The director general, Ron Renton, says it's difficult to guarantee the effectiveness of the system in case of torrential rain if not all the improvements have been put in place yet.

He says some of the work for a catchment has been delayed.

Goro Nickel also says natural erosion is a common phenomenon in New Caledonia.

There have been concerns that the discharges into the Bay of Prony could damage the environment.