21 Mar 2006

Vanuatu Opposition says it will roll the government in vote

10:34 am on 21 March 2006

The leader of Vanuatu's opposition says they will have the numbers to win today's parliamentary vote on the motion of no-confidence in Ham Lini's government.

Serge Vohor says the opposition has been assured of the votes of 12 members of the government to secure a majority in the 52-seat parliament.

Mr Vohor, who had to withdraw a previous motion of no-confidence against the government last year because he didn't have the numbers, says 29 will vote with the opposition.

But despite confirming the opposition this month offered a government backbencher the position of Prime Minister if he defected, Mr Vohor says it doesn't matter who will end up with the top job in a new government.

"Anyone. I think the importance is not who is going to be the Prime Minister. The importance is to change the government and then to restore confidence from this economic crisis in Vanuatu."

Meanwhile, Serge Vohor says they've launched a petition against the government's counter motion, designed to discipline opposition MPs who support the motion against Ham Lini by removing them from two ordinary sessions of parliament.