16 Mar 2006

Air Nauru says its new plane will fit needs well

8:40 pm on 16 March 2006

Air Nauru says it expects to take delivery of its replacement 737 by the end of the month when it is due in Australia from the United States.

The plane replaces the 737 that was seized by the U.S's EXIM Bank over the non payment of a debt of more than ten million dollars.

Air Nauru's chief executive, Geoff Bowmaker, says after taking delivery it will take a couple of weeks to complete registration, after which the airline will be able to resume its full services across the central Pacific.

The previous plane was specially adapted for Nauru's use but Mr Bowmaker says the new one fits their requirements well.

"The compatibility, even though this is a 300 and not a 400 - different series aircraft, but the compatibility of the mechanics and the whole configuration of the aircraft is very similar to the one that we had before so it will do the job very well."