16 Mar 2006

French Polynesia plans regional youth festival for July

8:39 pm on 16 March 2006

French Polynesia is planning a huge festival where young people can meet to discuss issues affecting youths in the Pacific.

It's being organised by the French Polynesian government, along with the Pacific Community, or SPC, and the Polynesian Union.

The spokesperson for the SPC, Rosita Hoffmann, says they want up to 1400 young people to take part in the six-day festival in mid-July in Tahiti.

"Usually youth policies are decided by governments and by experts of youth issues. But it is seldom that we include the young people themselves. So it is maybe a good opportunity for young people to bring their contribution to these policies and say this is how we see our present life."

The costs of the event are to be met by the French and French Polynesian governments, and private donors, but travel expenses are not covered by them.