15 Mar 2006

Fiji police believe Scott bank project is a sham

2:08 pm on 15 March 2006

Fiji's police commissioner says information obtained from an Interpol report on a purported international financier wanting to set up a bank in the country, shows he is well known by overseas authorities, especially in Australia.

Australian Keith Scott has promised billions of dollars towards the bank for indigenous Fijians, and has obtained the backing of more than 200 middle-ranking chiefs.

Officials were unable to verify his purported UN charter credentials, and police requested an Interpol report.

The Police Commissioner, Andrew Hughes, says everything his office is seeing points to Keith Scott's proposal being a sham.

"We are continuing with our urging of the VLRA to excercise our caution. We had one of our senior officers yesterday attend a meeting with other officials to present the police case as best we can, given that a lot of this is confidential - and we hope that common sense will prevail."

Andrew Hughes says some people have heeded their warning about Keith Scott.