15 Mar 2006

Floods cause price hikes in PNG

1:07 pm on 15 March 2006

Prices of basic food and other essential items have gone up in the Papua New Guinea area of Wau since floods washed away parts of the highway two weeks ago.

According to the newspaper, The National, many shops that sold basic items such as rice and tinned fish and meat had to raise prices to cater for the increased freight cost to transport goods

Three major trading companies Donna Store, Jabarnadi and Nangamanga Trading, transported their cargoes through to the Maus Kaindi section of the washed away road, carried them over to the other side and loaded them on vehicles for the journey to Wau.

Pine Top Bridge was re-opened last Friday but part of the road at Maus Kaindi was still closed so motorists travelled to Wau through the Forestry road.