14 Mar 2006

Fiji electoral official confident that rolls will be cleaner than ever before

9:04 pm on 14 March 2006

Fiji's Electoral Commission says it will do all it can to minimise errors in the roll for the general elections in May.

The commission made the pledge amid threats from the Opposition Labour party that it will take it to court unless it rectifies what it says are huge irregularities in the provisional roll.

The Labour party says there are many registered voters whose names do not appear on the roll and voters who are allocated different constitutencies than they previously voted in.

However the Supervisor of Elections, Semesa Karavaki, says voters are being urged to notify the commission of errors and he's confident the roll will be cleaned up.

"I'm quite confident with getting a minimum of errors I would say. Nothing in this world is perfect. We will truly minimise the errors on the roll. The main roll should be coming out by the end of the month."

Mr Karavaki says he believes the electoral roll will be better than those produced previously.