14 Mar 2006

New Zealand set to hire more Samoan corrections staff

4:15 pm on 14 March 2006

The New Zealand Corrections Department plans to recruit more than 70 workers from Samoa this year for the prison service.

The chief executive of the department, Barry Matthews, says the 72 Samoans previously recruited were highly successful and the department's looking to recruit a similar number again.

Mr Matthews says they will be brought in under the quota system.

"Those are numbers that are randomly selected within the quota and then they are invited to apply for positions. And when they've got an employment position in New Zealand of course they're then able to come through and take up the selection on the quota."

Meanwhile Samoa's police commissioner has invited Mr Matthews and other officials from the department to Apia in a bid to improve the country's prison service.

Mr Matthews says discussions with the commissioner, Papali'itele Loronese Neru, will include a strategic plan for the service and recruiting staff is not on the agenda.