13 Mar 2006

Record numbers of women to contest election in Solomon Islands

6:27 pm on 13 March 2006

A record 24 women will contest next month's general elections in Solomon Islands.

This is up from the 13 candidates in the last election in 2001 and follows a campaign to encourage more women to enter the race.

Only one woman has ever been successful - Hilda Kari, who served for several terms through the 1990s.

Hilda Kari will run again, as will Delmay Nori, the wife of prominent lawyer Andrew Nori.

Other well known women contesting the election are Sarah Dyer, who has headed the Women in Leadership group, and Josephine Teakeni, who has run the Women's Information Network.

In total 453 candidates have entered the race - an increase of 125 from the last poll.