10 Mar 2006

Fears of invalid votes in Fiji after complaints about registration

1:31 pm on 10 March 2006

A Fiji MP has raised fears that many votes may be invalid if complaints of many residents in farming settlements in northern Viti Levu are not rectified.

The Fiji Times reports the Tavua MP Damodran Nair as saying checks last week of the provisional roll showed a significant amount of discrepancies.

Mr Nair said on the first page of the Tavua Open Constituency's provisional roll, a taxi driver Abdul Hamid has been registered as a female.

Mr Nair also claimed it would be very hard for people of the Hindu community to identify their names on the roll because their fathers' names as shown in previous elections were missing.

Last week, the Supervisor of Elections, Semesa Karavaki, said his office would only need a week to make the corrections where deemed necessary.

He also warned that any election official found putting wrong information on the rolls deliberately, would be investigated and disciplined appropriately.