10 Mar 2006

Stability reason behind selection of president, says Fiji Great Council of Chiefs

2:19 pm on 10 March 2006

Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs say they've chosen President Iloilo to continue in the role for a final five-year term in order to keep the country stable.

The general secretary of the Great Council of Chiefs, Asesala Sadole, says they did consider the health of Ratu Josefa Iloilo, who's 85, and been treated abroad several times in recent years.

"They considered all aspect, his age, and also his health, he has a clean bill of health, he has just returned from Australia for medical examination and the consultings are fine."

Mr Sadole says President Iloilo has served the country well for the last five years, and Vice President Madraiwiwi has done so well for the last year.

Mr Sadole says the Vice President was reappointed bearing in mind his potential to step up to head of state in the event of the death of President Iloilo before 2011.