9 Mar 2006

Vanuatu opposition leader accuses government of corrupt dealings

2:25 pm on 9 March 2006

The leader of Vanuatu's opposition, Serge Vohor, says the country needs a change of government because Ham Lini's ruling coalition is corrupt and harming the interests of the people.

Mr Vohor says through receiving kickbacks, corrupt government leaders and officials have let China exert too much influence on policy, while mismanaging the interests of ni-Vanuatu.

He says recent political manipulations by the government with state-owned companies like Air Vanuatu and Vanuatu Abattoirs have had disastrous results.

And Vohor says poor handling of kava exports has lost Vanuatu overseas markets, while the move to have the Commodities Marketing Board take over kava exporting is damaging the local economy.

"Because many issues in the country, our Prime Minister is not handling properly. So you see, generally, that the present Prime Minister does not know how to handle the affairs of Vanuatu. Our country cannot go like this. Not to make a reshuffle, but to change completely so that a new prime minister is coming and we have a new vision for the economic growth of our country."

Serge Vohor