8 Mar 2006

Hidden cameras in Guam bought by airport authority

4:48 pm on 8 March 2006

The miniature cameras found last week in the Guam airport arrival area have been found to be mostly purchased in 2001 by the airport authority.

The Airport Authority Executive Manager, Jess Torres, says he can categorically make a statement that the airport asked for it and purchased it.

However, Mr Torres says now that it's been confirmed the airport installed the equipment, it is still not known who was receiving the feeds from the devices.

Last week, the Pacific Daily News reported that at least three small cameras and several listening devices were discovered hidden including in the "EXIT" signs above doors.

The FBI has launched a joint investigation into the case.

Guam Department of Customs and Quarantine Director Rick Blas has said the devices were concealed in the area where customs agents check arriving passengers and their bags and that at least two of the cameras were in operation, when discovered.

Purchase orders show the equipment was purchased from under an emergency declaration after the September 11 attacks.