8 Mar 2006

No police report that backer of new Fiji bank has committed any misdemeanour

5:06 pm on 8 March 2006

Police in Fiji have not received any report of a criminal offence being committed by a purported international financier who's willing to give billions of dollars towards a bank for indigenous Fijians.

The Australian Dr Keith Scott has promised the money to indigenous landowners, and has obtained the backing of more than 200 middle-ranking chiefs.

Officials are unable to verify his purported UN charter credentials, and police are checking an INTERPOL report they requested on Dr Scott, whilst awaiting further INTERPOL documents on Dr Scott's activities in other countries.

The director of the Criminal Investigations Bureau, Senior superintendent Josaiah Rasiga, says Dr Scott is not reported to have committed any offence in Fiji law.

"He's promised to give them six billion dollars for the establishment for a bank here in Fiji. However at the moment there has not been any report of a criminal offence committed by him, we are merely checking into the background of who this person is."

The police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, said earlier this week that the investigation showed his officers were taking a proactive approach.