7 Mar 2006

Fiji chiefs' group said to be asking president not to stand for fresh term

9:25 am on 7 March 2006

In Fiji, a group of traditional chiefs is reported to want President Iloilo to reconsider his decision to stand for the top job again.

Radio Legend says the move comes just ahead of tomorrow's meeting of the Great Council of Chiefs which will appoint the president and the vice president.

President Iloilo, who is 85, had indicated he was available to serve a second term in office.

But the radio station says some chiefs are planning to meet President Iloilo for a discussion on his old age and health.

These chiefs, who have traditional links to the president, say they care for him and will ask him if he really wishes to be reappointed when the election is held tomorrow.

The vice president, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, has written to the secretariat of the Great Council of Chiefs about his position but details of the letter have not been made public.

The terms of the president and the vice president expire on March the 14th with intense lobbying behind the scenes by chiefs who want to take up the two top jobs.