6 Mar 2006

Samoan public servant faces more charges over a major drug raid last month

8:36 pm on 6 March 2006

A suspended Samoa Ministry of Justice employee Akenese Taupo has been charged with five new offences.

The new charges relate to her aiding two of the defendants arrested from the February 6th drug raid by police, Joseph Lafaele Faulkner and his partner Francis Mathis.

Ms Taupo was allegedly at the couple's home when police arrived.

Varying amounts of cocaine was found at Faulkner's home ranging from 5 grams to 180 grams.

The new charges against Ms Taupo are five counts of omitting an act for the purpose of aiding Faulkner and Mathis.

The new charges will be heard March 13th

The defendant was earlier charged with obstruction, and two counts of possession of live ammunition without a permit and possession of an unlawful weapon.

She has pleaded not guilty to those charges and has been released on bail.