6 Mar 2006

Fiji churches give support to questionable bank operation

9:11 am on 6 March 2006

The Assembly of Christian Churches in Fiji says it fully supports the illusive organisation which claims to have offered 3.5 billion US dollars to set up a bank for indigenous Fijians.

The Fiji Times says the Assembly is an affiliate of the Viti Land and Resource Owners Association which has been negotiating with the so-called Office of International Treasury Control.

The assembly's general's secretary, the Rev Isireli Kacimaiwai, says the president of the resource owners association, Ratu Osea Gavidi, had briefed them on what was happening.

The general secretary of the Apostles Gospel Outreach Fellowship, Taito Waqavakatoga, who is also president of the Fiji Senate, says they full support the local association and the Office of International Treasury Control.

Mr Waqavakatoga says he has seen the financial documents of OITC and there is no doubt they are for real.

Meanwhile, the vice president of the resource owners association and Lautoka lawyer, Kitione Vuetaki, has told Fiji TV questions about the foreign organisation have been misdirected to the United Nations.

Mr Vuetaki says any questions about the organisation should be directed to the United States Senate where it is registered under the name of a Dr Ray Dam.

Mr Vuetaki says he has submitted a report to the Reserve bank, the finance ministry and the immigration authorities detailing the organisation's profile and location.