6 Mar 2006

Fiji nationalists demand the return of all lands

7:22 am on 6 March 2006

Fiji's Nationalist Vanua Tako Lavo party wants all land and seas resources to be handed back to indigenous Fijian landowners.

The Fiji Sun quotes the party president and former coup convict, Iliesa Duvuloco, as saying they do not want any freehold land in Fiji.

Mr Duvuloco says the current constitution is a betrayal of the indigenous Fijian race and must be got rid off.

Another report in the Daily Post newspaper quotes Mr Duvuloco as saying the best person to take over the presidency of the country is the former vice president who is now serving an extra-mural sentence for his role in the coup, Ratu Jope Seniloli.

Ratu Jope usurped the presidency during the coup by taking an illegal oath to commit a capital offence and proceeded to swear in George Speight's failed illegal administration.

Mr Duvuloco says Fiji needs good, strong leadership and Ratu Jope should be the best choice for the presidency.

He says not having a coup conviction or involvement should NOT be a condition as stipulated by the military which has threatened to invoke the Doctrine of Necessity if such a person is chosen.

The Great Council of Chiefs will meet on Wednesday to appoint the president and the vice president