3 Mar 2006

RAMSI to boost Solomons judiciary

4:24 pm on 3 March 2006

The special coordinator of the Regional Assistance Mission in Solomon Islands says a multi-million dollar assistance package will go towards addressing one of the biggest issues in the country

Yesterday, James Batley announced that RAMSI, through Australian contributions, would be providing nearly 3.5 million US dollars in a new legal aid package.

Mr Battley says because of the conflict that occurred in the Solomons the package is seen as a pivotal part of the recovery process.

"It's very important for Solomon Islanders to see that their own legal system is working effectively and it's working fairly. In that post-conflict situation it's important that people's confidence and faith in national institutions be rebuilt and clearly the courts are a central part of that."

James Battley says the assistance is not a sign that the judicary is untrustworthy, rather it's an indication of its large workload.