3 Mar 2006

Organisation offering cash for Fiji bank criticises reporters

9:17 am on 3 March 2006

The organisation offering to give US$3.5 billion to set up a bank for indigenous Fijians has warned Fiji journalists about reporting negatively on it.

Local man Masi Kaumaitotoya says he is the Fiji representative of the Office of International Treasury Control and its Chief of Cabinet, Dr Keith Scott.

Mr Kaumaitotoya has told journalists to never, ever again report negatively on the organisation and Dr Scott, or they would be sued for so much the biggest insurance company in the world would not be able to pay the damages.

Mr Kaumaitotoya said the organisation "is at level five security classification for an institution chartered under the United Nations" which is, he says, why nothing can be found on it on the Internet.

In response, the Fiji Times has published an open letter to Dr Scott and his Office of International Treasury Control on its front page today urging them to prove, using normal business methods, that they are for real.

The Fiji Times says people want hard, commercial facts that they can check and verify because mere words and assurances are not enough.

The newspaper has told Dr Scott and his organisation that if they cannot provide the proof, they should stop before they do any harm.