2 Mar 2006

Director of Fiji ruling party convicted for contempt

9:38 am on 2 March 2006

The Lautoka High Court has found the campaign director of Fiji's ruling SDL party, Jale Baba, guilty of civil contempt and ordered him to pay US$1,800.

Fiji TV reports that the order relates to a case brought against Baba by Merchant Finance Limited.

Justice John Connors found Baba in contempt for failing to comply with an order made against him in August last year.

That order required Baba to deliver various items of machinery to the premises of Merchant Finance within three days.

Justice Connors noted that Baba complied with the order only after contempt proceedings had been commenced against him.

Justice Connors fined Baba US$300 to act as a deterrent to others who may disregard court orders.

He also ordered Baba to pay US$1,500 in court costs to the plaintiff.