2 Mar 2006

Call for Tokelau to centralise health care

2:07 pm on 2 March 2006

Tokelau's former Director of Health, Dr Tekie Iosefa, says Tokelau needs to centralise its health services on one atoll.

Dr Tekie, who is now the Chief Health Advisor, says now there is a hospital on each of the three atolls.

But he says it would be ideal to have smaller health clinics on two atolls, with one main hospital on the other atoll.

"I think we have to upgrade the standards of one hospital. It would be in my view better. But this has to go with transportation, and we need to improve the equipment, improve the skills of people working at one central hospital to deliver a better service."

Dr Tekie, who is based on Nukunonu atoll, says the main hospital could then refer patients to Samoa and New Zealand if necessary.