2 Mar 2006

US department stops paying for American Samoa officials to travel

9:39 am on 2 March 2006

In American Samoa, all government travel funded by the US department of Homeland Securtiy has been suspended.

The Preparedness Officer of the Department of Homeland Security, Bill Powers, has also warned that a high risk designation is imminent for the Territorial Office of Homeland Security.

A memo from Mr Powers to Territorial Homeland Security Advisor Leiataua Birdsall Alailima said that the local homeland security office and the Territorial Emergency Management coordinating Office had not stuck to strict conditions set by the federal agency.

Mr Powers pointed to two gross violations of the set policies but did not specify what they were.

Mr Powers said, the infractions placed the two local agencies in dire straits and left him no other recourse but to suspend all travel until further notice. .