1 Mar 2006

Former Fiji Great Council chairman calls for considered decisions at next council meeting

11:36 am on 1 March 2006

The former chairman of Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs says he hopes the nation's high chiefs will observe the council's strict criteria when nominating a president.

Ratu Epeli Ganilau made the comment after the Attorney General stated that under the constitution, coup convicts could be elected to the presidency or vice presidency.

Ratu Epeli, who is the leader of the National Alliance Party, says criteria set down by the GCC's secretariat in1992 states that no-one with a criminal conviction can be appointed to the positions.

The GCC meets next week to appoint a president and vice president and he says he hopes it'll decide in the best interests of the nation.

"Well we just hope you know the deliberation next week will be something that the masses, the citizens of Fiji can look up to the Great Council of Chiefs and say"

they've come up with appointments that will do justice to those offices.

Ratu Epeli says the criteria also includes appointing someone of chiefly birth

with proven leadership qualities.